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1917: Why The Russian Revolution Matters-Trailer


Russia 1917

To mark the centenary of October 1917, this remarkable myth-busting documentary explains the significance of the Russian Revolution. Humanity’s greatest experiment in social change is brought to life through compelling interviews, incisive analysis and extraordinary archive. 1917: Why The Russian Revolution Matters, a WORLDwrite WORLDbytes Citizen TV production, is now available to buy on DVD from our online shop here or from Amazon here and/or to download or stream from Vimeo on Demand here.

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Samuel said:

As a person that does not know about the Russian Revolution, the layout of the video makes it easy to follow such as the use of chapters and every chapter has a title so you know what the next series of clips is going to be about. Using some of the original footage from 1917 and mixing it with footage from today draws more attention.

Simao Feleciano said:

This is a really good teaser.
As a person that does not understand much about this topic, I have to admit the content was good to make me interested to find more information about the Russian Revolution.
We need more content like this because this clarifies all the myths and incorrect information that is shared to the public. Taking in mind there are sources that are bias and try to persuade people to what is convenient for them.

Can Ulger said:

I really enjoyed watching this teaser trailer.
I am looking forward to watching the full documentary and will like to learn more about the Russian Revolution.
I also believe that this documentary will bust a lot myth on the topic and make everyone know the truth.

Shane Hopkinson said:

Looks great. When does the DVD come out?