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Brexit & Democracy

In its remit as an education charity WORLDwrite has always made understanding and championing democracy key. It has done so by encouraging young adults to investigate contemporary issues, to learn and have their say. Since the UK’s referendum on EU membership, which has raised much debate on the subject, the charity believes this is more important than ever. Over the years volunteers working with the charity’s Citizen TV station WORLDbytes have filmed lots of important discussions on democracy and the European Union, which can be found here.

And here’s an example of a terrific discussion filmed by volunteers after the referendum.

Our latest project on the subject involves producing a book rather than a film or video. The Brexit A-Z: A Pocket Dictionary for Democrats will deal with concerns raised by the EU referendum vote, some of which have received little attention. These include for example attacks on elderly citizens for voting ‘leave’, including calls to strip anyone over 65 of their right to vote, the depiction of white working class voters as stupid and feckless or ‘low information’ and open demands to revoke the will of the people. Our book will deal with these and other issues, with a little humour and myth busting along the way.

A hundred leading commentators, journalists and academics have been invited to contribute to the book and many already have, including former Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture of London Munira Mirza, Professor Robert Tombs and author David Goodhart.

We need your support

We are crowdfunding to self-publish this little book and need to pay for the design, production and printing costs. So we would be truly thrilled if you would consider contributing and we will of-course, thank all supporters who wish to be named, publicly in the book. You can find the JustGiving page we have created for this project here.

Join the project

There are plenty of things to be done before our book goes to the printers, including illustrations, graphics, lay out, proof reading, developing a marketing strategy and launch plan. So if you have lots of time to volunteer or very little, or are looking for an internship or work experience and would like to help make an impact with challenging ideas, we’d be thrilled to have you on board. To get involved, email us.

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