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A glimpse of Debating Matters


A glimpse of Debating Matters

The prestigious Institute of Ideas Debating Matters Competition runs this national debating competition for sixth form students in the UK and in partnership with the British Council in India. Honoured to be partners with this inspiring organisation which privileges content over style, WORLDbytes volunteers have filmed many debates and edited this short glimpse of the toughest intellectual challenge around for 16-18 year olds. With hundreds of schools involved and top level judges, the competition puts learning on a new level, deals with issues which affect us all and never fails to inspire. For full details of the competition and to take part visit

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Sebastian said:

These kids (sorry, young adults) are fantastic! They are arguing about real contemporary issues and have done some actual work too – a far cry from the “young people are not being heard and should have a voice” (in a vacuous, fake youth parliament) whingers.

Lisa said:

Such great judges they have at hand too. Want hold that trophy. Do take a look at this short, really inspiring

Grace said:

Scary but great, really good glimpse into a great idea and project. Loved the girls who were saying pressure is great, being challenged was really exciting. And then the student says it is ‘brutally hard’, wow.

Tasmin said:

Wow, Anthony Horowitz was there! I would really like to have joined in this kind of pushy debate, still would. Hope all schools get involved.

sarah kelly said:

WOW I wish we had something like this when I was at school. The judges are top too. Love what the India student says in the population debate-eliminate poverty not people. GREAT STUFF