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A Letter to Geldof


Letter to Geldof

Bob Geldof visited Ghana for the TV series Geldof in Africa and wrote about it in the accompanying book, describing his crowning as the Chief of Development in a town called Ajumako-Bisease. This documentary follows in Geldof’s footsteps one year on, and finds a town still waiting to hear from him. A timely reflection on the meaning of promises, the role of celebrity, and the true impact of “awareness campaigns” that leave those we are meant to better understand with nothing but shattered dreams. This is just the trailer, visit the film’s dedicated website for details of the full film here.

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Jace said:

It’s an absolute shame what Geldof has done, one of a few reasons why so many people don’t help donate money to charities is because they feel money given isn’t entirely spent on the cause they feel so strongly about helping e.g. people think most of the money is just pocketed by those running the organisation and not used to help the ones in need of it most. And what Geldof has done is help build these negative views on organisations that truly help those they set out to help.
But out of all this, what is worse is how he has built the false hope of the people of Bisease into thinking he can help. Stringing them along to ultimately let them down, They gave him time; they laboured and spent money in preparation for the help he said he would give and in the end not so much as a whisper from him, shameful. As the chief said you have disappointed us Geldof.

Christina said:

Wow! I’m actually shocked! I remember hearing about Geldof coming to Ghana to campaign awareness about the people of Besease, but had no idea he would just abandon them and not continue to help like he had promised. It makes you wonder what all these other “charitable celebrities” are really doing to help make a difference

I’m glad I’ve seen this clip and hope it was shown at the G8 summit

worldwrite said:

We wrote to Geldof about his intentions and he consistently declined to comment, simply declaring to the press it was a misunderstanding-he wouldn’t say more. It seems he treated the honour this town bestowed upon him as one more ‘honorary degree’ or ‘key to the city’ acolades he has collected for simply telling us sub-saharan Africa is poor. But how can you walk into a town like Bisease and treat people desperate for development who put you up, discuss their needs with you and you agree to help as one more trophy for your collection. It appears at best contemptuous at worst a gross publicity stunt. While Saint Bob tells us all we should care more, he seems happy to snub people he claims to care about. Maybe we should all give less credence to celebrities especially those who make films about Africa as Geldof did but don’t let Africans speak for themselves-demaning indeed. Well done Current for having the balls to show this.

Lina said:

Love the fact that someone is taking on Saint Bob

RedDevil said:

I am so glad that Geldof has been exposed as an unaccountable celebrity whose claims to represent the continent of Africa are astonishing. He has the cheek to become chief of development and then ignore those he agreed to help. This must be broadcast for the G8 in Germany.

Indira said:

This is a very important story. Bob Geldof is the co-founder of the Africa Progress Panel, a body set up to MONITOR G8 PROMISES made to Africa after the 2005 summit in Gleneagles. Yet he can’t even keep his own promises? We need to stop this celebrity worship and focus on what the people themselves (in this case the people of Bisease) say they need and want.