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A Taste of the Battle of Ideas


Taste of BOI

WORLDbytes volunteers report from the last Battle of Ideas festival giving us a flavour of the range of debates and insights of attendees. Judging by the programme for 2010, already available on line, the event at the end of October this year promises even more exciting stuff. For Citizen TV makers and viewers it’s a must. Tickets for this year’s event are available now; just visit the Battle of ideas website. To join the WORLDbytes crew in filming many of the debates, to access subsidised tickets for volunteers and free preparatory film training in the run up, please email us.

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Viola said:

It looks as a very stimulating event. The video gives good overview of both participants and speakers. Everyone seems to agree that there have been very interesting debates about hard topics, and that the importance of maintaining the discussions going is fundamental to share ideas and develop your own opinion, like the guy that changed idea listening to the speeches. I had some doubts about the lady speaking about free speech, because as much as I agree that there should not be state interference, it must also be taken into consideration that people like BNP have a power to speak bad against other humans (like migrants), who in turn don’t have the same power to respond and to make their voices equally heard.

Aare said:

Its an excellent collection of opinions of participants of the Battle of Ideas event, whether they participated as a member of panel or as a member of the audience.This approach gives good overview of the topics covered at the event through the mouth of participants; it makes clip very lively and emotional, it intrigues and mirrors heated verbal action that was probably taking place during the debate. It also characterizes well wide range of people who are interested to participate in events as such and assists to verify the “hotness” of any particular topic that was discussed.
I also liked the structure of the clip as it starts with introducing some participants and their expectations before the event, then continues with reflections during the event and ends with people’s recollections after the event.Very good flow indeed!
I would suggest to add in the beginning short overview of all the topics covered during the event (maybe as a Powerpoint slide) and to end with some major conclusions, if there were any.

Nuura said:

The great thing about the battle of ideas is that there is a wide area of topics up for debate. It gives people who don’t have a “high post” a chance to express their views and at the same time to debate with others. Also in the video almost every person leaves with a feeling that they have learned something, for one lady it even made her re-think her opinion. Therefore the battle of ideas is a great concept because it makes a impact on every person.

Stella said:

Think this event is a brilliant idea. A refreshing injection of well-needed political debate and open discussion in a spirit of free enquiry and imagining a different kind of society. I really hope to attend the next one in October.

The quote this film ends with from the speaker at one of the debates is genius: “Let us take on the mantle of Prometheus and master the secrets of life”

Sally said:

The 2010 Battle of Ideas looks just as promising as previous years – thought provoking and thoroughly jam packed with exciting and contraversial topics.

Gabriella said:

I have just had a look at the Battle of Ideas website and there are so many debates going on during the weekend it’s hard to know what to pick. I love the guy who said he changed his mind during a debate becuase of what he heard and that there is lots of audience contributing just as much as the speakers. I am definately going.

Helen Garston said:

I have to say it does look an impressive event