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Abortion: A medical or moral choice?


The 1967 Abortion Act says an abortion can only proceed if two doctors state that failure to abort would adversely affect a woman’s physical or mental health. ¬†Should abortion provision be based on purely medical reasons or on what we, as a society, think is right or wrong? Do women have a responsibility to avoid abortion unless it is really necessary? Do medical or moral concerns have the upper hand or should women be free to make their own decisions and determine their own future? ¬†These and many more questions are expertly discussed in this charged debate, filmed at the Battle of Ideas.

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Leave a comment now said:

Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted
to find.

Russell Crawford said:

The issues surrounding abortion are resolved when studied under the precepts of the “Scientific Abortion Laws”. Those laws make it clear that a choice to force the birth of a fetus will always involve the death of a born baby, child or adult. Pro life ideas do not save life they simply trade a born life for the life of a fetus that may or may not be alive, human or capable of life.

The grandest error in the debate is found in the idea that life at conception is absolute. The scientific fact is that 70 percent of conceptions die in the first trimester and of those that die 60 percent do not have enough human DNA to make human life possible. Therefore the very foundation of the abortion debate from the pro life position is false. One is not fighting to save human life in most circumstances. Why? 42% of all conceptions are not human enough to live as humans and 28 % of conceptions die for other reasons. That leaves only 30 percent of conceptions that can be claimed to be human life. And because “expression” of DNA is a time dependent process, one cannot tell which life will live and which is human until birth. There is no moral certainty that a human life is saved by stopping abortion.

To learn more search Google for “Scientific Abortion Laws”.

Piotr said:

Although there are many voices giving advice of all kinds when a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, I still think the decision should be hers, either way.