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11 Activism

Recent revivals of activism include the G20 demonstrations in 2009, runway invasions at Heathrow airport and climate campers a-plenty. But is activism today really a response to the recession and politics at large or, as critics have argued, merely a militant reflection of mainstream cynicism? This debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas dissects contemporary activism. The expert panel of speakers include author and campaigner Josie Appleton; writer and columnist at The Times, Hugo Rifkind; leader of the UK’s Pirate Party Andrew Robinson and Royal College of Art Student Union president, Jack Tan.

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Georgina said:

Ok, so more and more single issue activism is happening but like the G20 report by WORLDbytes there isn’t much politics in there. One man said he wanted his voice heard and when the WORLDbytes reporter asked ‘now he has his voice what does he want to say’ the guy said i don’t know!

Ali said:

I agree more with Josie than anyone else on the panel but is she really saying that single issues campaigns can really come together without actually having to comprimise?