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African-Americans & Guns: An Illustrated lecture



In this fascinating illustrated short, we learn from Dr Kevin Yuill, lecturer in American history that gun controls evolved in America to ‘keep the black finger off the trigger’. Dr Yuill brings us numerous fresh insights on: the massacres reported as riots; the role played by key figures such as anti-lynching activist Ida B Wells; W.E.B. Du Bois; the armoury of non-violence exponent, Martin Luther King and the lesser known start of the Black Panther Party for self-defence. The shift from the past is striking as the left today favour gun controls but as Dr Yuill tells us, it wasn’t always so.

Related topics: Civil Liberties, Debates, Global, History

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Jennie said:

Blimey why don’t we know this stuff.

Julian Richards said:

OK this gets my vote, well rsearched and presented.

Sandra said:

Very compelling and engaging-lots I never knew, the short illustrated lecture is a good format I think, I hope you will make some more and do share them with colleges i think mine would be interested in this. Glad i found your channel.

TD said:

Loved this lecture and learned loads I had no idea about who the Black Panthers really were I thought they were much less sane. Thank you

Carol said:

Very interesting film, and thought provoking.