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Against Austerity: Aspirations


Against Austerity: Aspirations

In this edgy and enlightening studio exposition, Spiked writer Tim Black makes no apologies for challenging the pedlars of banker-bashing and those who call for restraint. Attacks on the rich give us nothing but do degrade all our aspirations and suggest that less is best. Should we care about the excesses of the rich or spend more time working out how the rest of us can get rich?

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Randolph said:

I think Tim Black is right to locate the backwardness of the current political climate in the obsession on greed – an obsession which is pursued by people from many corners of the political world right now. This obsession reveals the bankrupt character of politics today when in the throes of an economic downturn that could do with some serious analysis and comment all they can moralise about is the ‘excesses’ of the few. I would rely on the ‘greed’ of the many for a more useful riposte to this mean-spirited view. Good Vid!

Stephanie said:

It’s true that we all need a scapegoat and the bankers took the blame, i used to think like that to but sure the fat cat wages did not help but nothing has really changed and we all knew before they earned a great deal but when things went wrong we just chose to blame the banks, nobody had a problem before the economy went to hell! but i don’t agree with everything Tim said because we were greedy, not enough to cause the economic crisis but enough that good food was routinely getting thrown to the dumps and the majority of people just spent on themselves, no one cared about charities (unless they had a personal interest), I saw polls and less than 10% gave to charity unless they had been personally affected by that cause so maybe some good will come from this disaster, maybe we will remember, maybe not, but at least it’s no longer shameful to be on a budget, nor admit that everything is not all perfect.