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Aliens investigate anti-consumerism


2 alien

Alien Zlog and his side kick Asbo report back to their planet, Zorlich, on the terrible plight of robotic shoppers, known as people. From Eastenders to Knightsbridge, shopping for ‘stuff’ is out of fashion; instead humanoids shop for ‘happiness’. Zlog says: “It seems the higher ups want to simulate being poor”.

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muchi said:

Sorry, that was a comment for another video

muchi said:

I like the cutaway of the Foster tower followed by the crap house

talisman said:

Ahaha I can’t stop watching the woman screaming on the phone

muchi said:

Everything good:setting, topic examined, alien reporters…

mariaber... said:

yep hilarious and agree more for all and rich people who have all the choice should stop winging and telling us we are better off with less

aaronmc said:

Humour is a great way to get a point across, and this succeeds wonderfully. Nice one!

Shaz said:

The Alien report was hilarious, I especially enjoyed this segment as it was an unusually quirky way to present news. Despite this, the subject of anti-consumerism was dealt with professionally and has made more of an impact on me than any other show. Why are the rich striving for less when we should all be striving for ‘Ferraris for all…’. Looking forward to more from Zlog and Asbo!