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Aliens investigate ethical shopping


Reporting on the humanoid ethical shopping phenomena that makes us especially happy and smug, alien correspondent Asbo goes out on the streets to find out more. He is physically sick over a fair trade cappuccino, shop lifts ethical body products for testing and checks out smelly goats for Africa. Zlog, in the comfort of the spaceship, chews over why humanoids like to shop ethically and discovers that: “the goats smell and presumes this may be why they are given as gifts to the poor in the developing world.”

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Rosy said:

Yes,… i watched this sipping my starbucks fair-trade-hazelnut-choco-frapa-capa-lata-chino-iced-extrahot-drink-in… whilst this was decidedly funny it did leave me asking myself a lot of questions…. Should i eat imported foods?, are the directors trying to say fair trade is bad?, With more and more British food being produced by underpaid illegal immigrants should we eat only food we grow ourselves?, Are there other planets where we could import food from where it would have no negative environmental or economic impact?.

pintsize said:

Hilarious I am also flumoxed by ethical shopping which is a weird idea in itself