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1917: Why the Russian Revolution Matters

To mark the centenary of October 1917, WORLDwrite has released a myth-busting documentary, 1917: Why The Russian Revolution Matters. This new documentary brings to life humanity’s greatest experiment in social change, through compelling interviews, incisive analysis and extraordinary archive. It explores the context, causes and consequences of 10 days that shook the world and went on to define politics and international relations through the rest of the twentieth century.

Crowdfunded and crowd-filmed with a crew of volunteer citizen TV-makers, this documentary challenges ahistorical and myth-making approaches to this landmark event in human history.

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If you are interested in arranging or hosting a screening where you work, study or for an organisation you know, contact us for details. We’d be delighted to provide a speaker too.

The film is now available to buy on DVD from our online shop here, or from Amazon here and/or to download or stream from Vimeo on Demand here.

Making the headlines

Watch Director Ceri Dingle explain why the centenary is significant on Sky News. The film also featured on the Today programme and reviews include this one by Philip Hammond.


The film was launched at the Battle of Ideas festival at the Barbican to a full house and considerable acclaim. A Gala screening was held at the Castle Cinema on Sunday 26th November at noon. The next screening will be in Berlin on Wednesday 13th December.

Can you help us get this film out to the world?

The charity aims to take this film to a whole new audience, but festival entries and screenings are expensive.  If you are one of the bold people who appreciates the need for a myth-busting film to mark the centenary,  please give generously via the JustGiving link here. Your support will be invaluable.

Join the Crew

Although the film is now finished, the journey is not over. Unlike mainstream TV and commercial outfits we have no marketing budget- but with your help we can ensure thousands get to know about it. So if you have lots of time to volunteer or very little, or are looking for an internship or work experience and like us hope to make an impact with challenging ideas, we’d be thrilled to have you on board. To get involved, email us.

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