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America: the twilight years?



Despite President Obama’s bold rhetoric against and aerial bombing of IS, US foreign policy from Syria to Ukraine appears rudderless. The American political class appears at an impasse. Recovery from the recession has been weak. China looks likely to take over from the US in GDP by the end of the decade. Is the US facing replacement as the world’s leading power? Or is the declinist view overly pessimistic? In this gripping debate produced by the New York Salon and filmed at the Battle of ideas panellists argue the case, providing us with great insights.

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Michael said:

I agree with what Sir Christopher had to say on this panel. It is too hard to tell whether or not America is on the rise or the decline. The common thought in America is that it is on the decline, but Sir Christopher pointed out that American universities are still generally the best in the world, and even with only 5% of the world’s population, America puts out about 25% of the world’s economic output. There are different ways of looking at it, and to come up with a more accurate answer, I think there needs to be a better definition of what it truly means for America to be “inclining” or “declining.”

Stan Jones said:

I was most interested in comments by Yaron Brook the Ayn Rand director. I agree largely with what he said such as a return to enlightenment values is what’s needed. Where I disagree is with his utopian faith in the corporatocracy. By that I mean unbridled markets so loved by Ayn Rand, which is clearly leading to a rich/poor divide as demonstrated by the insane wealth of Wall Street bankers vs those young people in Chicago killing themselves. The answer to this from people like Yaron Brook and Ron Paul is always: Get rid of “crony capitalism”. And that requires ‘regulators’.