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Are we what we eat?


9 Are we what we eat

Historically, food was about sustenance and survival; for too much of the world in the twenty-first century, it still is. But as societies develop beyond immediate need, what we eat can be a pleasurable part of our lives, as well as an exploration of cultures and experiences from around the world. This snapshot of a debate at the Battle of Ideas shows the pleasure we derive from food might ultimately be destroyed by our modern obsessions. Will anxieties and fear about food, ultimately spoil the stuff of life and as a London doctor argues are the ‘5-a-day’ health brigade propagandists and wrong?

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kupester said:

haha, yes I’d love to see a follow up on where those statistics came from!

Please make a follow up.

alexjorden said:

Certainly raises the question of how far the government should intervene in our lifestyles, especially with the implications of putting calorie information on menus. Shouldn’t eating out be for pleasure and a matter of personal choice?

muchi said:

5 a day is not enough for me. May i have more?

SarahMate... said:

I wanna eat without complex and enjoy my food. With so many questions around food it becomes impossible.

mariaber... said:

Like the doctor’s comments on five a day and amazing to think how these statistics are just bandied about and accepted as some god given truth especially on illnesses related to our diet..its a shame the cameras don’t get a good view because of the projector in the debate.