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At last we have Eco-Weapons


Finally, the Ministry of Defence are taking environmental concerns seriously. Their new critically acclaimed range of green ammunition will continue to reduce the threat of insurgents, terrorism and war but will ensure that a broader impact on the environment is minimised. From reduced-lead bullets to recyclable explosives, developments put forward are part of a major investment in ecologically-sound equipment and logistics.

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kjahern said:

This film makes a good point, about how the powers that be somehow manage to pay lip service to environmentalism, and then make up for whatever good that does with more mischief. That everything is in an iris also adds to the atmosphere, giving the film a dreamlike quality. Brave new world out there!

Gregor said:

People have commented that this film is so good as it highlights how big corporations are hijacking such a serious issue such as environmentalism. No mention that this stuff is happening (albeit not so funnily) where killing people is somehow acceptable but chop down a sacred tree and you are in for it!

demidoug... said:

This is hilarious! I love the outrageous acting on how fascinating the “eco-bombs” are. Kill the people but save the world. Oh how clever are these inventors. ._.