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Atheism: what’s the point?


Atheism: what's the point?

For many, atheism implies support for progressive causes such as LGBT equality, human rights and liberal education. But is atheism always the same as ‘humanism’? Aren’t there as many religious people who also have liberal, progressive and humane ideas? And aren’t there many religious people – perhaps a majority – who are just as committed as atheists are to the idea of a secular state? Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, this is a must-see for the Godless or God-fearing. Speakers include: Andrew Copson, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, Alom Shaha & Mark Vernon. The chair is Dolan Cummings.

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Agata said:

It is very good debate, I found some very interesting emphasis about Nietszche and agnosticism that were very informative for me and in generally the debate is very bright.

Django said:

Thought provoking. I’ve identified as an atheist for a long while now, I find it interesting that the word atheist is this blanket term that comes with its own stereotypes and pre-concieved notions yet people who identify with it can be extremely variable in their beliefs and principles.