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Austerity: Don’t re-invent the Blitz


2 Austerity Blitz

Austerity now trips off the lips of every politician. They tell us cut backs and tightening our belts are the order of the day. The Imperial War Museum even provides ten top tips from the Blitz for surviving the recession. Jean, Doris and Andy, who lived through the Blitz in East London give us their account of rationing and hope no one will ever have to go through that again.

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Aisha said:

It’s been very interesting listening to those ladies reminisce about growing up in the war…but the government are definitely throwing around the word “austerity” to carelessly if you ask me. It just wouldn’t get to the degree of “an egg a fortnight”, by austerity measures like they had in the war. However, it might be indication of the sort of involuntary decision some of the poorest in the UK have to take as they seem to be getting hit the hardest with all the cuts. Overall, lovely vid :), really interesting stories :)

Elizabeth Gorbetti said:

I disagree strongly with the lady below, I live in a country where food is expensive and there is never enough and we don’t have supermarkets and lots of how live is very like how the people in the film said it was in the second world war. It is really disgusting that people think its OK to live like we do as it will save the environment. We want big supermarkets, cheap food and lots more of it. Thankyou for your film. We already have a ‘blitz’ in a lot of Africa and we don’t want it either.

Karen Januszewicz said:

The narrator said it is great everybody has access to cheap food nowadays. Well I wouldn’t say everybody. And this ‘cheap food’ costs a lot more than we think to the world and environment.

cheek2cheek said:

The older people are really eloquent, engaging and funny. Having not lived through it (thkfully), it is really revealing. I am surprised how many ideas for today seem to come from this awful period. We certainly don’t want to re-invent any of it.