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Babies, brains and bull***t?


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Influential politicians such as Iain Duncan Smith and Graham Allen have forcefully pushed for the reorganisation of UK family policy around an agenda of neuroscience-based early intervention. But critics are extremely concerned about what the trend for looking at childrearing in narrowly scientific terms means for families, children and society. Can neuroscience shed any light on childrearing and family life? Why does it seem to have such an appeal for politicians and policy makers? Speakers share some extraordinary truths in this engaging Battle of Ideas debate filmed at the Barbican.

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Carol said:

I do think parents are getting a real bad rap and getting the blame for everything. If I were a young mum, it would make me really nervous. On the other hand, aren’t there some good things that have come out of Neuroscience?

Mr Edwards said:

What seems to me to be of some urgent interest is just how far into normal parent-child relationships this stuff goes. This undermines us as parents and our sense of ourselves in the process of raising our own children. I feel like taking my children out of this country, though it shocks me to say it.