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Battle for Politics: Vote for what?


9 Vote for what

This storming debate filmed at the Institute of Ideas’ Battle for Politics Pre-election summit asks us to reconsider what voting means. Professor Frank Furedi explains that politics historically meant refusing to bow to fate and taking control of our own destiny. Today, he argues, if everything is considered politics, from sexual behaviour to eating habits to personal health, then politics has been degraded and rendered meaningless. Panel speakers also include Wes Streeting, President of the National Union of Students, Pam Giddy, Director Power 2010 and David Seymour, leader writer for the Daily Mail and co-author of Why vote – a guide for those who can’t be bothered.

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Ellie said:

Vote for what is the question everybody seems to be asking in this election and as someone said to me today “if i vote it will be a ‘vote for apathy’ and why do that.” As Frank Furedi says – politics is about the belief that we can transform our lives and that of others.

Hussain said:

Vote for what is a very timely question. Politics today seems more restricted in scope than any previous historical period. Can’t stand the students union/Labour guy – “the voters get what they deserve” (if they don’t vote Labour) kind of thing.

Mao said:

I really like the point about politics in the past being about not deferring to fate. Sadly we now have a very fatalistic view of politics, people and the world i.e. that nothing can change; politics as career option; fighting for anything is a waste of time; people are crap and nature cannot be tampered with – grim fatalism indeed. Yet Mr Furedi inspires a belief that more is possible. His arguement that shaking things up and kicking out Labour to do that makes sense, but I’m not sure voting conservative or Lib dem for that matter is a medicine that can be swallowed for the sake of a shake up. Endorsing crap should never be taken lightly, better to not vote and put the boot in methinks.