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Battle of Ideas: Reform or Revolution?


8 Battle of Ideas Reform or Revolution

Following parliament’s series of scandals from MPs’ expenses, to lobbygate and Gordon Brown’s reported bullying antics, respect for parliament is perhaps at an all-time low. So where do we go from here? Are our traditional democratic institutions worth defending, or should we do away with them and what is the alternative? In this filmed debate, the panel of top speakers include editor of Progress Magazine Jessica Asato, author and former MP Martin Bell, politics lecturer James Panton and Republic’s campaign manager Graham Smith.

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Jake said:

Martin seemed to bang on about the expenses row to make him look very clean and argue that independents like him are better – but I don’t see independents with great vision, they too tinker around the edges or hone in on a single issue.

Craig said:

Is this a tricky one? Most people want to stick up for parliament in the sense that they are elected by us but just reforming by giving more power to select committee or so called external experts is worse for democracy – they are not elected by us. I just don’t get that argument. First things to do though is abolish the House of Lords and the Queen – what the hell is she doing in parliament!