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Blurred lines: what is consent?


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Consent is now a key concept in discussions about sex and relationships. Yet, apparently, few of us actually know what it is. Advocates of teaching consent say it can make our sex lives more considerate, but aren’t attempts to ‘educate’ people about consent intrusive? In this engaging debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas in October 2015 a panel of eminent speakers and legal minds step back and discuss the meaning of consent and where the line should be drawn. The speakers are solicitor & spiked legal editor Luke Gittos, law professor David Gurnham, barristers Barbara Hewson & Mathew Scott & author Cathy Young. The chair is Helen Reece reader in law at LSE.

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J. Earle said:

I can’t believe we really have consent classes at universities now, I really do hate this idea that all men are rapists it is a vile sentiment that does none of us any favours and I’m a girl by the way NOT A VICTIM.

Rhiannon said:

Hmmm very thought provoking thank you for making this video. Not sure what I think now but my gut instinct is keep the law out of our private lives-bedrooms.

Jo Ellen said:

Important debate-interesting to hear the law profession perspective-if they can’t get it straight no wonder people get in a srtew about it. I do think young boys in the future will be put off normal fun and experimenting as they are being fed so much fear and that is not healthy.

Harriet said:

Good to clarify the legal stuff and Luke made some good points tying it to intimacy and triust – would’ve been good to go more into the myths building up around the supposed rape culture.

Matthew said:

Some great points here and a much needed debunking of the consent = tea myth that’s been spreading all over the web.