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Brazil: The other ball game


Brazil thumb

Brazil is all over the TV in 2014 due to the World Cup. But there is another story. When David Beckham did his much publicized Amazon trek no one questioned his romantic notions of a so called ‘simple life’ in the Amazon rainforest. Our intrepid explorers in this piece of history did, but have Western attitudes changed today? Shouldn’t we celebrate Brazil’s development and take off along with the beautiful game? What do you think? This short film was shot on Hi8 many years ago and we are releasing it here for the first time on-line to raise much needed debate. Do vote 5* for it on this link  to help it win an award.

Related topics: Civil Liberties, Debates, Economy, Global, Social Change

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abigail said:

It is interesting to see the ways in which the media seems to neglect the blatant suffering of the farmers in Brazil instead making us more familiar with the world cup mania. This video highlights the fact that no one wants to be a prisoner to their circumstances and that the only way the world can help these people is by allowing them to help themselves.

Mae said:

Really well made report. will share it amongst my friends

Kathleen said:

Fantastic insight. 5 * from me.

Marc said:

People don’t even get roads to hospilats built because of the environmentalists. We are not preserving their way of life at all. We are destroying it inhumanely.

Claus said:

Great video showing the other side of Brazil and the aspirations and needs of those people.

Arjun said:

It’s a terrible tragedy that while the World celebrates the Word cup, there people in Brazil itself who can’t enjoy it, because people think it’s perfectlly right that indigenous tribes should remain poor and cut off from the rest of the world.