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Cabaret without borders


Onyeka Igwe reports from Cabaret without Borders an event organised by the Manifesto Club, in opposition to the Home Office’s new visa controls on visiting artists and academics. These controls have already prevented a plethora of creative visitors coming to the UK leading to concerts, exhibitions and international programmes being cancelled. Under the new rules the Home Office effectively determines international programming, what we can and cannot watch, share and experience and whose work merits a UK visit. Meanwhile numerous institutions are co-opted to police and report on visitors they are granted permission to host. This lively cabaret event sees a wide range of artists express their opposition through artistic interventions and personal testimonies.

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zett said:

I think cabaret without borders is a great idea!

So many people want to show what they can do -interesting and great things! – and they should not be kept from doing that by laws.

The new laws clearly view humans as mere means, not as ends in themselves – they are only wanted if they are academics. Immanuel Kant formulated the moral principle as ALWAYS viewing people not only as means, but also as ENDS IN THEMSELVES. I think that is true- and it is time that it’s acted upon.