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Can China and India catch up with the West?


India and China are experiencing unprecedented levels of growth. The worlds tallest buildings, largest airports, fastest trains, and biggest dams are now all to be found in the developing world, and China and India may soon become the world’s largest economies. The WORLDbytes crew filmed this Battle of Ideas Festival debate which WORLDwrite co-organised with the Emerging Economies forum. In this report, speakers from around the world answer the question; can China and India catch up with the West?

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johnpaul said:

Excellent points eye opening and too rarely heard also hope the recession does not hit China and India too hard. Surely also China needs to be able to start spending more of its wealth within its own borders rather than sticking it in US bank accounts.

Audrey Tenment said:

I wonder what will happen to China and India’s development as the recession hits harder and harder. It seems like bad luck, when they are just getting to see things change for the better for people they may see this lesson. But i suppose i shouldn’t say ‘luck’ as it makes it sound like it is all just going to happen without our say.