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Can the State save the economy?


6. Can the State

As the crisis deepens, politicians are seizing back the reins with direct government intervention. But is state intervention the solution, or will it create new problems? This debate at the Institute of Ideas, Battle for the Economy Public Summit at Goodenough College in London was led by University of Kent sociology professor and  author Frank Furedi. Respondents, Economic Research Council Research Director Dan Lewis, Professor Erik Reinert and Wall Street Journal’s European columnist Simon Nixon, raise key arguments in these edited highlights of the discussion.

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Berardo said:

I’d like to know what he means by restructuring as it usually means redundancies, not that I’m in favour of clapped out industries mind you or some of the public sector jobs that are about spying, monitoring, counselling, regulating and so on , they can all go to the wall but I’d still like the people who do that crap to have a wage. any thoughts