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Can youth engagement save democracy?


3 Can youth engage save

In this lively debate at the Battle of Ideas the Liberal MP Lynne Featherstone says ‘we are lazy’ and like to vote from the couch for pop idol not in a polling booth. Dr Tony Breslin, chief executive of the Citizenship Foundation, argues for a citizen rich curriculum and teacher Kevin Rooney emphasizes the role young people have played in leading political change from the Bolshevik revolution to Tiananmen Square to voting en masse for Obama. Schools he argues are not the place to make up for the political failure of a disconnected elite.

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muchi said:

Most of the political leaders are old, dusty and old-fashioned, they fail to catch young’s attention

SarahMate... said:

In my country, if you are aged 18, vote is compulsory.
I think it’s good because everybody has an opinion about politics and preferences, it’s worthy to express them as everybody is part of the society.

mariaber... said:

How wet the liberal MP is quite surprising really she seems out of her depth is this discussion and with little to say. The teacher makes some pretty strident points but i think he is right schools are getting dumped on for all social ills and wether its young people or adults not taking an interest in politics or voting – don’t blame the public or schools- we need some politics with vision to inspire us off the couch.

pauleen said:

I agree with the last speaker, the problem is not a disengagement. I think it is the political campains. Politicians and media force us to discuss on the subjects that they have chosen. Their debats are always the same