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Capitalism: kill or cure?


Capitalism: kill or cure?

It’s now cool to be a ‘Marxist’ and discover capitalism doesn’t work. But is the recession a product of the same old trend re-asserting itself or is there something else going on? An exceptional line up of speakers do battle and the audience raise the stakes in this Battle of Ideas keynote. Ferdinand Mount, author of The New Few: or a very British oligarchy; Phil Mullan, economist; Vicky Price, co-founder of GoodCorporation and Mike Short, senior vice-president, industry affairs, SABMiller provide more than the usual arguments.

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Jermaine Gedeon said:

One has to remember that capitalism encourages aggressive competition, a winner takes all philosophy, which leads to the creations of monopolies. To be a winner, one must smash all forms of competition, then maintain their position of power, by preventing any rivals from rising to effectively challenge its power and authority. The constant argument, i hear, from those who champion this system is that “Capitalism is not perfect, but it is the only POSSIBLE, economic and political system and therefore must be the most appropriate.” This is a myth, which is intended to intimidate people, to prevent the discussion of alternatives to capitalism and ensure unanimity. Let me reinforce the idea that capitalism has to smash competition. Supporters of this economic system, (the wealthy elites) have a primary objective of eliminating the study and promotion of other systems by any means necessary. There are other systems one could examine further, such as scientific socialism,South American “democratic socialism” and European “socialist capitalism.

I could go on forever, one of the guys in the audience briefly touched on the idea of money creation and the monetary system, this something everybody must have a deep knowledge and understanding of, do not be put to this. Then we will all finally realise why the banking institutions need to be brought down.

Jenny T said:

Very good debate & surprised more didn’t go with or attack P Mullan’s point that it is not falling profitability etc in action. You can see too how anti-growth ideas are spreading too.