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Change4Life or life for a change?


7.Change 4 life is no life

In an exclusive interview,  Hackney GP Dr Michael Fitzpatrick damns the government’s Change4Life campaign which aims to tackle obesity. Change4Life posters and adverts are everywhere but Dr Fitzpatrick argues they will only serve to reinforce anxiety and have negative effects.

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WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » Your Days Are Numbered: The maths of death said:

[…] WORLDbytes report A Change4life or a life for a change? […]

ready2do said:

The issue of obesity in the population has been exaggerated and there is no evidence to suggest that children now take less exercise than they used to in the past. An alternative take on a difficult subject.

andrew2544 said:

Thanks Doc., I now feel better for being a bit overweight. I think there’s a nosy parker state asking us all questions like ‘when did you last eat chips?’

muchi said:

Let’s manage our lives instead of others managing it for us

alexjorden said:

I agree … perhaps the government and the media need to trust people to make their own decisions regarding how they live their lives. As Dr Fitzpatrick pointed out, campaigns like this often only serve to make us more resistant!

SarahMate... said:

My body is reactive enough to tell me what is good or bad for me. No need for a GP or a government.

blizzjames said:

This caused alot of distress to many mothers and young girls, already suffering from low-self esteem about their image and the portrayal of size zero models in the media did not help much either.

The goverment starting to interfere in our lives about what we should do and eat was also an annoyance.

blizzjames said:

I have enjoyed watching this clip, I remeber very well how the issue was portryaed in the media as if it was an illness. Something that if you were obese had to be ashamed of as if you had a cancer or HIV.

johnpaul21 said:

Wow what an impressive GP I’d have him as mine if I lived in the area wish more GPs would stop preeching behaviour change and focus on treatment of illnesses. It is frightening the extent to which the government is now managing our personal lives when you think about it, next stop expensive drinks…..

maggiemay said:

Well put, more or less what I wanted to say.
My parents aren’t to blame for my weight problem…I am!

mariaber... said:

What an excellent interview with a straight talking GP who would like to get on with treating people not dishing out government advice. Quite a lot has been written now on the misue of fact, history and science in the Change4life adverts. I find them really patronising and quite outrageous especially the way they point the finger at parents as evil people letting their kids go to sweetshops and if you don’t ride a bike well obviously your are not fit to be a parent then…..