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Chill out about DDT


11 Chill DDT

Scientist Joe Kaplinsky takes a sober look at the controversial chemical DDT, noting that it is one of the most effective pesticides ever developed and great at combating malaria. He also employs a critical approach to the intellectual legacy of Rachel Carson, author of the famous 1962 book “The Silent Spring”. Kaplinsky takes on the anti-scientific prejudices of Carson and her followers and suggests DDT could be and should be widely used today to save lives.

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Christella said:

I agree and the issue needs to get on the agenda but the so called ‘development’ community hate the stuff and it is their prejudice which is halting its use and killing thousands.

janesworld said:

A welcome intervention on the sorry story of DDT restrictions. Malaria has killed millions of people across the world. Time to break more DDT out of the cupboard and let the mosquitoes worry for a change!