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Chill out about deforestation


9 Chill out deforestation

Science activist Joe Kaplinsky looks at deforestation in its historic and developmental context. Launching a broadside against anti-development prejudice starting with Prince Charles, his noble ancestors and eco-warriors of today, sage commentator Kaplinsky gives a sober assessment of the real impact of current levels of deforestation. We are reminded that deforestation has been key to the growth of civilisation. Virgin forest was slowly transformed from mere hunting grounds for the nobility into bustling cities, industrial areas, transport and leisure amenities, modern agriculture and living spaces. On a world scale, subservient attitudes towards nature are rejected for the nobler aim of taking real control over nature and managing the land for all our benefit.

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Johnie said:

But like Joe said, deforestation has transformed people lives as the land has been built on for human habitation – not the ‘living like animals’ life that others who don’t do it romanticise and call culture!

Zett said:

Just because people have been doing deforestation for ages, does that make it better? I don’t think so!

I find it questionable that the question is only being ask in context with what we can gain from it, or how it would damage us.

What about nature? Doesn’t it have a worth in itself?

yes, we destroyed nature, and by doing that we developed and grew.

But aren’t there better ways (now)?

Maybe we should focus on finding ways to grow without destroying more and more.

I’m not saying we should ban the people who live at the forests from deforestating it, like it was said many organizations do. We should respect their free will and talk to the people, inform them and help them develop with minimal damage to the forest.

Yeah, maybe once they know everything they’ll still decide to get rid of the forest, but who knows…? If we knew ways to develope without doing it? I wonder what would happen.