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Chill out about designer babies


11-Chill out about designer babies

Scientist Joe Kaplinsky takes a critical look at IVF and overblown fears that a new generation of ‘designer babies’ may be on the cards. Kaplinsky shows that these procedures, far from creating a society that will discriminate against the disabled or girls, will allow couples to avoid having children with life-threatening conditions and save others. Kaplinsky suggests we should chill out about ‘designer babies’ and leave decisions to the parents.

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ataek said:

It is ridiculous to be stagnantly against something that is actually Good. If we can prevent health trauma for our future kids – there is nothing wrong with it and it should be done.

jason said:

The scientist in this report makes a very strong case for IVF and PGD. As a woman, such a facility gives me more freedom and it saves lives. We should get over our reservations about designer babies, parents are not monsters, they are adults who are able to make decisions about their children.

Lenalisa said:

If you look at reproduction as a question of womens increasing freedom to control their fertility, then all these medical technologies are good. But if you think we are somehow going against nature in all this, then you are effectively denying women more freedom. This chill out film makes a very important point.