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Chill out about stem cell research


8.Chill out about stem cell

Scientist Joe Kaplinsky sets the record straight on stem cell research and argues that making it a political football has held up valuable research.

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Maria said:

This was well explained as I had not understood what was specific about feotal stem cells before but now if I understand correctly these can be grown in the lab it is telling that there are still fears of playing god when all attention needs to be foccussed on medical cures despite the break throughs- its sad that seems some way off

Vicky said:

A very interesting and informative film. If it’s not hurting anybody, then why not have stem cell research? It could be that I might just benefit from it in the future.

Alexjorden said:

I found this an interesting explanation of stem cell research and the issues behind it. Hopefully now Obama has supported stem cell research in the US there’ll be more freedom for scientists to focus on finding the medical cures.

Bruno said:

When I was a kid, I used to watch cartoons explaining scientific stuff, now I watch chill out