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Chill out desk: Nuclear fusion & fission


10 Chill out Nuclear fission

Nuclear energy can provide the world with much of its electricity needs but many people are worried about it. Scientist Joe Kaplinsky explains what nuclear energy is and answers the four major objections to it: radioactive waste; nuclear accidents; nuclear weapons and the high expense. He concludes that we should chill out about the risks of nuclear energy and enjoy the benefits of cheap electricity.

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Andy H said:

The recent anti-nuclear panic over Fukushima was disgusting. Up to 20,000 died or were lost due to an earthquake and tsunami and the Wetern media focussed on the nuclear reactors instead (which caused no deaths). This shows us that we have an anti-human, anti-modern, anti-nuclear and to some extent anti-Japanese media today. High time for some more Citizen journalism I’d say.

J Kelly said:

I can see this was made before Japan as its not mentioned, doesn’t that change things?

sarahmatte said:

I understand the solutions Joe gives concerning nuclear waste but I still wonder if these solutions are sustainable on a large and long-term scale.

Willwon said:

at last a comprehensive pro nuclear independant arguement

Tom said:

Well explained and good points made re the usual objections to nuclear energy it would seem less dangerous than crossing the road for most of us