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Chill out with our scientist on energy shortages


7 Chill out energy

Watch this stress free report with scientist Joe Kaplinsky who explains there are great possibilities for energy generation which would solve our shortages, anywhere. Joe encourages us to humanise the energy debate by putting people’s aspirations for a brighter future at the flick of a switch, first.

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Nathan said:

Our energy supply is running out, not because there is not plenty to source but because we now see it as bad. In the UK we will start having shortages soon, we need to do something about this and it is refreshing to hear Joe chilling out about energy and informing us how relatively easy it would be if we had the political will to do so.

Shazia said:

It is a disgrace that we all don’t have an abundance of energy. As Joe says there is no shortage of energy and we should be aiming to multiplying our energy supplies by four fold. We need more investment in producing energy not limiting ourselves.