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Chill out with our scientist on water


4 Chill out on water

On the Chill Out Desk scientist Joe Kaplinsky helps us realise water is not something we should worry about. In 1858 London suffered what was known as the Great Stink, when excrement backed up on the tidal Thames forcing even Parliament to consider adjourning upstream. The Victorians developed grand plans to solve the problem yet today our peers in developing countries still use pit holes and risk death from water borne diseases. A new film Flush it is available on DVD to mark this 150th anniversary and the film suggests big ideas are needed to solve today’s sanitation and water issues. The film is available to buy on the website.

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SarahMate... said:

I don’t know who I should believe because scientists have contradicting theories on that particular topic

muchi said:

I really don’t know what to think about this issue because one says black and the other says white.

johnpaul21 said:

Yep the man says chill on water and he’s right but we don’t have the vision to use what we have while we do have a really unhealthy obsession with limits

mariaber... said:

Water water everywhere and yet so many fibs we have to tolerate.
It is weird and a bit freaky that people do think water use has limmits and may run out this is well explained here