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Climate campers


10-Climate Campers

Concerned to avert global disaster, the pressure group Climate campers meet in the park to discuss radical solutions which include holding your breath to offset your carbon footprint.

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zakariebne said:

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dorientann said:

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Stephanie Z said:

The segment does a good job parodying the anti progress attitude of environmentalists, and addresses the lack of concepts and distinctive demands bearing solutions that they (and especially their hanger-ons) often display. Environmentalists have this anti human tendency, which places nature over people. Yes, indeed, we in the West have come to the point where we are through the destruction and exploitation of nature. However, can anyone really deny that this gave us a good life?

Niall said:

Lol, I just watched it again I think the funniest part is when they all hold their breath at the end! The presenter did a grand job…

visa2020 said:

This is as good as “Nuts in May” but more updated. Lemonflower was super and the girl who didn’t know why she was there was a masterstroke. Unfortunately some people are really like this.

Karosza said:

simply brilliant critique of some attitudes towards climate change that can not make a big difference but still become kind of religion.