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CLR James: A film to be made


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During his first six years in London, Trinidad born revolutionary, CLR James accomplished more than most could conceive of in a life-time. In this short introduction to a film to be made, we get a glimpse of the 24/7 life of a revolutionary in 1930’s London. WORLDwrite volunteers now need your support to start filming the fully fledged documentary they have spent two years researching. Entitled “Every Cook Can Govern” the film aims to do justice to a lesser known hero. To support the project and get involved please email us. Do support this project too by voting 5* for this video on click the link in the corner.

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Sonia said:

Looking forward to watching the final documentary and can’t wait for people to become exposed to the work of an influential revolutionary like CLR James!

Emma said:

This has made me completely excited about seeing the finished project! It is obvious that the life and times of CLR James has been thoroughly researched from every angle and I think that this documentary will be really engaging and interesting and certainly not afraid to cover parts of CLR James’s life that might not fit into the traditional narrative of his story. I wish you the best of luck raising the money!

Riba said:

It is a fascinating short film, thank you for sharing with us.

Sienna B said:

It’s hard to imagine life in London before it was cosmopolitan and multicultural like it is today.

Joachim said:

Good and revealing material on life in 1930’s London which you rarely think about today.

Kingston said:

Nice use of archive material. Looking forward to the finished film.

John Pendleton said:

This seems to be interesting but my cook can’t govern a kitchen yet! hahaha.

Di said:

Such an exciting project! I envy those who get to take part in that. What an extraordinary glimpse of modern history…

Lara Slyce said:

This is my favourite WORLD bytes project of the films I have seen so far. The multiple speakers and the range of locations resulted in an interesting dynamic piece, which was well edited. The film felt as if it was an appropriate length for the amount of material collected so far, whereas others have felt stretched. It is a testimony to your success with the taster, that I am engaged with the content and looking forward to discovering more about this impressive figure in your forthcoming documentary.

Chidera said:

I found it quite interesting and would like to find out more about the African Service Bureau

Isa said:

You’re clearly well informed and trying to cover subjects that the public care for which don’t get covered enough, I’m sure you will have no trouble with help here

V. Iriarte said:

This is interesting as I worlded with, studied under and knew CLR personally.The name of the documentary should be changed. The American counterparts has yet to tell their experiences about CLR in Canada and both times he spent in the U.S.

Carol said:

Very interesting and I look forward to seeing the completed documentary. If your Sylvia Pankhurst ‘Everything is Possible’ film is anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat. Good luck.

Ceri Dingle said:

In answer to L Collins question, we start filming for the full documentary from the end of July 2014 and aim to complete the film by August 2015 – it will easily take a year as we have so much to do plus overseas shoots. We also have a huge amount of picture and archive research to do plus a lot of copyright work and fund-raising. Everyone interested is welcome to get involved in this project, do check out our news and events page for crew meeting details.

Geraldine said:

Nicely made and good length so yes you wet my appetitie for more….

Saith E said:

Nice one! great subject might be controversial to get funding for-wishing you the best with that.

L Collins said:

When will the full film be completed?

Sally said:

Thank you very informative and does make me want to watch the film you end up with GOOD LUCK and I’ll sponsor your next event.

Jane Howarth said:

I have to fess up I didn’t knowwho CLR James was except he wrote something on slavery – great to know there were black revolutionaries stirring things in imperial Britain.

Joseph Pritchard said:

You have some very creditable presenters-does CLR credit more power to you and your film!

Sandra K said:

Great enjoyed this well made had no idea he did so much in first six years in London