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Computer modelling: all about the image?


computer model

Computer modelling is magic that turns empirical observations into our imaginary future. Plug enough data into a computer model, and out pour streams of values and seductive graphs. But from pensions to climate, the line between projecting a trend and predicting the future is often blurred.

In this short debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas experts help us understand the number crunching and what’s going on.

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Sophia said:

Today there is an overreliance on prediction, statistics and models, with sciences such as Futurisim highlighting the world’s constant desire to know what’s going to happen before the event has actually happened. Jonathan Rougier aptly describes computer modelling as “spurious realism”, suggesting that as media consumer’s individuals must be cautious about the information before them. This is an interesting issue and the underlying message of the documentary is that it is important to be aware that models always satisfy the intentions of its creator.

JO said:

I liked the woman with the technical standard/sensible list as well. She made an extremely valid point.

Marco said:

I expected to hear a more critical view. My everyday experience of computer modelling is on global warming panics, which seems to be predictions not projections.

Brian Fox said:

I liked the woman with the sensible checklist.