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Conference-The Life & Legacy of CLR James Session 1


This first session of the CLR James Legacy project conference introduced by Andrea Enisuoh sees CLR James’ former partner, author and activist Selma James provide fascinating insights into one of CLR James’ great but lesser known works, ‘Mariners, Renegades & Castaways’.  We also learn the background to the project and the campaign to ensure Dalston Library in Hackney kept its name as the CLR James Library.



Related topics: Debates, History

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Nancy said:

Great stuff by Selma James, a piece of HISTORY in its own right!

Simone said:

I think the most recent version of a Moby Dick film is really true to James’s account and understanding of what Melville was getting at.

Jackson said:

A very literal interpretation. Personally I think he was making broader points re:culture.

Charlene said:

Her take on the book is quite interesting. I will read some of this.

Di said:

What an inspirational badass woman! Why do we not see such women featured on the media more?

Jo Yates said:

She is fascinating amazing to hear this first hand account thank you

Sarah G said:

Selma is really eloquent hope I’m that good in my dotage