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Controverski: Sochi, gay rights & Russia-bashing


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In this special programme a trio of guests discuss the political fuss over the Winter Olympics in Sochi with a volunteer crew. From toothpaste tube terror panics to corruption allegations, overspends, unfinished hotels & gay rights protests, in the run up, all but winter sports hit the headlines. On the programme, Tara McCormack a Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Leicester, David Forrest former GB international swimmer, gay games participant and landscape architect and WORLDbytes Volunteer Coordinator and designer Niall Crowley discuss what’s going on and challenge the ‘slacktivisim’ and calls for boycotts. Russia-bashing, they tell us, the most popular sport among Western politicians and journalists, represents more than a bout of schadenfreude. This is a case of moral-grandstanding by lame-duck Western politicians and media-pundits and Russia is an easy target. The consequences, we learn, are bad news for gay rights too.

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Sophia said:

Having homosexual’s challenge the idea of boycotts in Sochi is extremely important. I believe that it is a viewpoint that the mainstream media has ignored. I also agree with Tara McCormack that this issue is not about Russia and is deeply embedded in politics.

Sanjeeda said:

Russia’s preposterous laws will obviously hold controversies therefore the boycotts against Russia will be held among many people. Search engines such as Google and social networking sites such as Twitter include rainbowfying their themes or avatars on Twitter convey them as individuals who believe in unity between everyone and almost holds a hate against Russia. Perhaps this is done because of the anti-gay laws in Russia which is degrading their hopes for the winter games.

Tamanna said:

I think Russia is being unfair because people have the right to be what they want and to live they want. Its only the persons decision if they want to be gay no one else has the right to decide that for them. If they want to be gay they should be allowed to and they should be allowed to participate in the olympic games. Russia should be a free country for people.

Pooja said:

I think that Russian citizens should be allowed to freely express their feelings if they are gay or lesbian as people have human rights which allow humans to like whoever you want to. As Russia is a backwards country they should learn from countries such as England who are keeping up with the changes of their citizens by allowing Russian people to like whoever they wish to.

Susan Peters said:

Good video well made. I feel the most important point made and hard to handle probably is the whole thing has little to do with Russia or gay rights.

TJ said:

Not many people would think of the Sochi media coverage as Russia bashing everyone wants to look ‘progressive’ but that is just it-Tara McCormack’s point about the UK funding far worse as allies is very true.

Beverley Arnoldson said:

Yes I found this well informed and informative I’m surprised at Ms McCormack referring to Pussy Riot as art school snobs I’m not sure what I think about that. I do agree we have had a rather sickening Russia bashing bonanza. I think Brazil will get more of it although not the gay rights side.

Andy said:

Sarah J said:

Well made and well argued I still find it hard to understand why Cameron & Obama appear champions of gay rights. It is weird!

I think it might be because they should protect the rights of all?

Sarah J said:

Well made and well argued I still find it hard to understand why Cameron & Obama appear champions of gay rights. It is weird!

G Hills said:

Most refreshing a relief really I wasn’t happy about the protests but wanted to understand more and not upset people.