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6 Copyright this

School students participating in the finals of the Institute of Ideas & Pfizer Debating Matters Competition debate the motion Copyright benefits the arts. Expert judges raise challenging questions while sixth form students hold their ground. An inspiring preparation seminar featuring Sandy Starr and Tania Spriggens takes us beyond the usual arguments and moans by the music and film industry about illegal downloads and pirate DVDs costing them a packet. We are led to consider the impact of copyright on freedom of expression, how creative ideas emerge and the unique nature of artistic labour. Volunteers also checked out public opinion on the streets of London.

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Ke said:

The video brings a wide range of perspectives, but most of them agree that lawyers and corporations are to blame for the exploitation of copyright. Yet, lawyers are well-known for the amount of hours they spend working, and even Warhol said business is an art form. Therefore, creative labor, legal work, and entrepreneurship may not be that different from each other.

That said, I do believe in the right of citizens who find their way to circumvent the copyrighted materials, pirating, if you will. Can’t we agree that copyright infringers are also artists?

slipzUK said:

My imagination really got going when one of the speakers said that essentially artists provide a glimpse into a world where there is no ‘labour’ as it now exists. Imagine that, not having to take any old work or just because it pays the bills, great. Is copyright going to help us get there – i think not.

trussme said:

Excellent points in the seminar, had not really thought about copyright like this just seen it as a pain and a restriction on what we can do, evidently there is more at stake not sure the students really get to the heart of it but they do get stuck in. The censorious nature of copyright is also notable.