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Corruption! The allegation trips off the lips of commentators across the board, especially in discussion of the poorest parts of the world. Are corrupt greedy regimes and war lords so widespread? Should developing countries be monitored and measured for their application of “good governance” to stem corrupt tendencies? Is poverty the product of third world gangsters, thieving politicians and corporate fraudsters? No, but our obsession with corruption is endemic. So say Brendon and Yolanda, two young South Africans who, on their first visit to the UK, are told by newfound workmates that “living in such a corrupt country must be awful”. The youngsters are appalled and decide to unravel the babble that they see as wrong, ridiculous and racist. This is just the trailer. The full film is available from the WORLDwrite shop.

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Randolph Ferry said:

Does anyone listen to Transparency International anymore?

Andy H said:

Greedy African leaders cause underdevelopment on the whole continent – I don’t think so. Deepak Lal, a very influential economist says there has already beed a Marshall plan for Africa, what tosh! Why did France cancel Ghana’s nuclear reactor in the past? What about the anti-development agenda behind the aid industry?

Kwame said:

Need to watch the full documentary really as it is great and the only thing out there challenging the idea that Africans are corrupt if they are not poor

Tiba said:

Can’t stand the guy who starts it off, what does he mean, a Marshal Plan. Germany got investment, infrastructure, development of their industries not hand pumps and hoes!