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Cut backs: The view from the streets


On the streets of London the public are not impressed by politician’s talk of austerity. WORLDbytes volunteers interview young and old and each other and many ask, what are people who already have little supposed to cut back on? Austerity is prescribed for all but not everyone is in the same boat. Should we all take responsibility for economic failure and share the pain? The public say no.

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TatjanaA said:

The government put more money in army, but cutting on schools. The government should bring more projects , like during 70-s recession in USA, government started building roads, on today’s recession Russian government provides big grants for small businesses, what is UK government doing?

kjahern said:

A lot of anger out there at the government, but all of it’s called for. Who’d want to be out of a job, or be told if he wants to keep it he has to take a salary cut, and watching the people who started this practically get away with it?

nyika said:

I’m tickled by the idea of the military doing a ‘bring and buy’ sale to raise funds for new tanks! More seriously, perhaps the government could consider regulating big business rather than regulating the public by calling for more austerity. They could make a start by re-nationalising the energy companies, who seem happy to ratchet up prices when there is a panic about the rising cost of fuel, yet strangely silent about reducing prices when fuel costs fall. The fact that people have to choose between keeping warm and putting food on the table each winter is a disgrace.

Milanzi said:

Rashpal, it is the politicians that are so distant from the public and not the other way round. Taxes are going up yet the government is reducing both the quantity and quality of public goods. Take this, the government borrows money mainly from the banks (through selling 5 to 10year bonds and gilts). Uses that money to bail out banks and now it is cutting public goods so that it can service these loans. Need I say more?

Rashpal said:

The public are so distant from the politicians. People are making sacrifices but it seems to me part of the frustration comes from the fact these cut backs are not being recognised. Worldbyte fills this gap with this video I think!

zett said:

It’s interesting to see that no matter the age, the average citizen has a strong opinion on the matter of cutting back. Teenagers, adults, elderly people – they all say no. And they get passionate about it. They care, they are involved, because all this recession business is about THEM. They make up the majority of the population, so their voices matter the most, don’t they?
Well, politicians, there you have it. Listen to the people who voted you and don’t forget where you come from. Don’t forget who you are. Don’t forget the purpose of your job. You are no better a citizen than anyone else. Everyone deserves the same. So go and rule the country FOR the people. Find solutions that make their lives better – and don’t exclude yourself from your demands.

It’s similar with the companies, really. Hey, CEOs, your employees are doing their best. Don’t make them share the pain when you weren’t sharing the joy in better times. Their pain, what is it to you? Do you really care? Are you cutting back as you ask them to? Are you working for half your pay, are you working for nothing? Get a grip on the situation. Open your eyes. Tell us the truth.

Katey said:

We are told by politicians that there is no alternative but to cut back and put up with less. We are also sold the lie that going backwards and having less can make us happier. This snap shot of what the public thinks shows that we are not sucked in by any of this.

Sil said:

I’m not tightening my belt for nobody and watching this video tells me that most people share my sentiment. Living on less has no credit among the public…

Ali said:

I think the sentiments expressed are pretty widespread yet there are no politicians with the balls to think beyond making us all share the pain for the problems they have created and should take responsisbility for. Its now considered “brave” to talk about the need for cuts but in my view its spineless and demonstrative of low horizons ‘coz where are the big ideas for growth – thats what we need – not austerity.

SisterG said:

Fascinating stuff on austerity. The public here are not duped by the politicians calls to share the burden of the recession. Promising.