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Damned by Debt Relief


From HIPC dustbins to HIPC toilets, debt relief is not just peanuts but ties Ghana to a Western inspired agenda and parenting classes. Damned by donor diktat, for Ghanaians it’s a raw deal. After the Live8-G8 bonanza many assumed debt cancellation for indebted poor countries was great news. Was it? Have we been hood-winked? This short doc aims to set the record straight. Debt relief was never a new deal, there was no new money involved and worse than colonial conditions applied to so called ‘debt forgiveness’. Shot in Ghana, by a talented young volunteer crew this film forms part of the Pricking the Missionary Position series. The series aims to turn the tables on the Live 8-G8 pity-fest and last year’s Kiplingesque re-run of the ‘white man’s burden. This is just the trailer, visit the film’s dedicated website for details of the full film here. This film is available from the WORLDwrite shop.

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athpap said:

It’s about time someone held Debt Relief up for scrutiny. From what I can see, like so much ‘aid’ it serves the interests of the West more than those of the countries who need real help most. Lets get some discussion happening about this!!

Myrto said:

This film seems to offer a new and refreshing approach to the problems surrounding debt relief and western charities aimed to help developing countries. It would be great to see the whole film and hopefully get an insight into cases such as Ghana.

Duncan said:

This is a genuinely important documentary that reveals huge problems with the debt relief campaign that most in the West are unaware of I think. It’s also a great view of Africa and Africans as people no different from us, with the same aspirations and capabilities to better their country; they don’t need dictation and paternalism from Western governments and NGOs, just resources and cash without strings attached! I hope to see a longer documentary soon!

Mahe86 said:

This short documentary is very interesting as it opens our eyes to the views and opinions of the Ghana people. Looking at this piece, I would say that the resources these people need should be given to them rather than giving something we want them. They dont need pity or feel sorry for themselves, all they need is the resources and they will make themselves.

BadraLou said:

What’s amazing is that China has been able to do in just a few years what the West hasn’t done since 1960 (after more than $590 Billion of aid). What the West needs to do is end its hypocrytic criticism of China while they are setting up military bases like Africom, or tools like the World Bank and IMF that are classic failures with the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) and HIPC. No More AID, we want INVESTMENT. Damn it