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Debating Matters: Baby Boomers


Debating Matters: Baby Boomers

In these fascinating highlights from the Debating Matters competition semi-finals, sixth form students debate the motion “The baby boomers have squandered their children’s future”. Intergenerational inequality is all the rage and in this timely debate the students are asked tough questions by a panel of judges concerned with content not style. Through convincing and well informed argument, we learn there was no golden age and today’s economic woes are something this generation need to deal with, rather than playing the blame game.  Graveney school won the semi-final in opposition to the motion.

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Tim said:

Excellent and fiery debate that I have not heard discussed much. My generation, Generation Y I think we are called are digitally savvy, think a lot of ourselves, expect the world but don’t want to work for it! This debate shows otherwise although arguing that it is all our parents fault doesn’t help!

Harshav said:

The judging and audience really up the ante, that is not to say the teams were not good – they were excellent. I thought the motion would not lead to such a good debate.

Teresa said:

This debate has made me think how strange it is that they would bunch people together just because they born at roughly the same time. Then to extrapolate an argument to explain what is going on is bizarre. Liked this debate.

Shane said:

Loved the passion they fought their corner with! I have to say I agree with the team that were positive and argued we could, and should, sort things out. The other team kind of sounded fatalistic to my mind, although they gave some great points. I gulped when the judges started asking questions but actually the audience were just as good. Good debate