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Debating Matters India: a taster


Debating Matters India: a taster

Now in its third year, Debating Matters is jointly organised by the British Council India and the Institute of Ideas.  In this short glimpse of the event in 2010, we see students engaging in debate on contemporary society at the highest level, pushed to think beyond the semantics of the issue and modes of presentation.  As former student and Debating Matters participant, Nitin Jayakrishnan remarks: “It is only through debating and through public speech where experts, the public and other people of the opposite opinion question you and criticise, that you learn, it’s criticism that matters, and I think Debating Matters pulls it off brilliantly.”

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hilda said:

I liked the fact that these young students were taken out of their comfort zone to express different opinions on eradication of poverty or the poor, great debate. Please take these debates to other countries.

Carol said:

These kids put me to shame!
I have been lucky enough to attend a DM final AND a UK vs. India final and the students, who incidentally, are only 16-17 years old are really put through their paces. They are questioned and challenged by each other, but also the judges who are experts in the subject being debated, and they hold their own so well…and they love it.
You may have your own view on a subject at the beginning of a debate, but by the end of it, you’ve changed your mind half a dozen times, it’s brilliant!

Michelle said:

Love the argument that the student puts forward against the idea that there should be less of us. He says – we should be eradicating poverty not eradicating the poor. Go for it.

Shardi said:

This should spread around the world

Richard said:

It’s not just in India where Debating Matters is and I have been to a few of their competitions which are all really illuminating.

Fiona said:

I loved the fact the students were so excited about being criticised and challenged and wanted more of it! Shows that youngsters don’t get emotionally scarred if pushed.

Randolph Ferry said:

It is great to see Debating Matters being taken up so enthusiastically in India. There is something very warming about seeing young people develop their capacity to deal with often complex and sometimes topical and challenging ideas. Which continent next?

Imlovinit said:

Excellent & amazing – can’t imagine British kids even realising being criticised is how you learn – we need a large dose of that here.