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Debating Matters India


Debating Matters India

Debating Matters India is jointly organised by the British Council India and the Institute of Ideas and has successfully completed its second year in India with plans already underway for year three. WORLDbytes volunteers were delighted to be asked to edit this short glimpse of this year’s event. Filmed by Syncline Films PVT Ltd, Debating Matters India 2009-10 is kindly supported by Shell Companies India and The Wellcome Trust. Speaking about the event as a whole, Sir Mark Walport said: “I’ve seen a series of terrific, first class debates here, demonstrating that these are hard working and thoughtful young people”. WORLDbytes Director Ceri Dingle said “Watching many of the filmed debates from DM India has been an inspiration, encouraging young people across the globe to engage with ideas and issues of substance, is exactly the material our Citizen TV channel seeks to provide a platform for. We look forward to editing further Debating Matters debates from the UK & India and showcasing these on WORLDbytes.

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1938 walking liberty half dollar said:

Much Thanks!…

Thanks for taking the time to provide us all with the info!…

Marcia said:

Wow, what a group of thinkers and only between the ages of 16-18. What about Debating Matters UK. This is what the government of today should be aiming to do within the United Kingdom. Absolutely stimulating, it shows what the youth can do today if given the opportunity. Debates like this should be more open, I have never heard of this till today. How many youth (and adult) know the difference between the European Union and the European court of Human Right (because these are two separate bodies that are run by different people and stand for different ideology) apart from what we always hear about in the tabloids?

Because both bodies have an impact on what happens within our society and we need to be discussing this and how we can get our point of view across to the elected.

Why aren’t our elected rulers going to every college and secondary school within the UK and promoting this. Student from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England should have open debates. Arguing their views with one another, maybe they can be greater understanding between the borders. It those not mean liking what they say, but understanding what they say. Loved this mini documentary, the government should take note.

Nuura Axmed said:

This concept is giving students a platform of talking about issues and their ideas/opinions about it. The teenagers are excited and passionate about their beliefs that they are not scared of getting in to a debate with the public and the great experts. They really know that talking to people means and not talking at them. The concept of freedom of speech is a 100% exercised here because even teenagers are having a voice and expressing what they think. By making it a competition and involving judges (great experts) it gives them a platform a place where they have the intention to put their ideas and passions in real words, and it’s great that the judges are giving constructive criticism and pushing the debaters to perform to their full ability. In my opinion this should be organised on every sixth form college and secondary schools, because everyone can debate you don’t have to be a politics student or sociology student, you just have to be passionate have figures and do the homework.

Sarah Keely said:

Yep puts my school days to shame, look forward to seeing more of the deabtes on this channel

Jane Barfield said:

Wow this had me excited, the Indian students are so smart I feel embarressed

S Winson said:

Impressive I must say, I’ve finished school now so I’m too old but I wish we had this sort of thing when I was at school