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Debating Matters UK Final: Alcohol pricing


Debating Matters UK Final: Alcohol pricing

Is excessive alcohol consumption a huge problem today? Should we allow the government to regulate our drinking? All this and more is tackled in the edited highlights of this lively final debate of the Debating Matters Competition 2012 held at the Wellcome Trust’s conference centre in London. Graveney School, London, who spoke for the motion that minimum alcohol pricing would be good for Britain, won the debate to become the Debating Matters Competition UK 2012 champions.

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Fola said:

Very good debate… i agree with the side that stated we need to know our limits, as adults we should know how far we should push our bodies. its not to say we don’t go over board sometimes but you should be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” We don’t need the government setting standards that we know innately in us.

Carol said:

Although I don’t agree with Graveney, I think their argument was much stronger, a very good debate, tough questioning from the judges.
I particularly liked the comment from the young lady who said minimum priced alcohol was a waste of time and money and also stated that this had been tried in British Columbia and had had a very small decrease in consumption probably more due to the recession.

soniaP said:

Amazing and tough questionsfrom judges i wish my school did this

joe said:

I wish we had heard more on drinking as a social activity. Good points made re state as parents versus choice and individual responsibility. The other worldbytes video on booze bans draws this out. Congrats to winners who had evidently done their homework.

Sarah kelly said:

Excellent debate I think the audience are the winners however particularly the guy who points out that alchohol consumption has in fact declined. Well done to Graveny school though-very well argued although I don’t agree with the motion.