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Democracy in question: what do you think?


Democracy in the UK is on the line as the will of the majority on Brexit has been thwarted. Sadly too, many young people echo the establishment’s disdain for the demos. But not this crew.  Yet they do have major questions and need answers and are hoping viewers of their video will help by providing some below.

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Jane R said:

Yes indeed compelling video and quite difficult questions. Yes we must abolish the house of Lords and the monarchy. I don’t think we have a toothless monarch as she can still ultimately call the shots if needed to by the elite e.g. as she did sanctioning the war on Iraq without parliamentary debate. We do also though have a tyrannical parliament in the sense it is avoiding implementing the will of the people and seems to be against the people, using institutions like the EU to avoid debate, discussion and negotiation with its own people. That makes it an oligarchy doesn’t it?

JoJo said:

These are very hard questions and more than worth thinking about. The question about PR has certainly made me re-think. I do think compulsory voting is anti-democratic as it removes the possibility of choice and surely democracy itself is about choosing what we want.

T.R. Roughbone said:

I believe that it is indeed fundamentally undemocratic to force any person to vote, the problem of a peoples indifference towards politics must be solved in a different way. The withholding of your vote may not only be a response to “incompetent governance”, but a demonstration against a lack of pluralism and opposition or, as the EU proves, an indication of the irrelevance of the voter (and his awareness of the same) in an political system that is not democratic. The forceful increase of electoral participation would therefore be a mere attempt to conceal the fundamental failures of the state, not a solution.

Sarah K said:

Great video and tough questions-WOW very thoughtful. First thought is on Lalita’s- I don’t think you can call somewhere a democracy if it has an authoritarian state. On Anton’s hmm is he just saying the issue is numbers of people ruled by a governing body? I think that is looking at democracy in very technical terms. Interesting point by Maximillian who could be right in current context that PR is anti majority-hadn’t thought of it like that. On the rest I will have to ponder.