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Do you know who CLR James is?


Who is CLR thumb

Hackney council in East London honoured CLR James by naming a Library after him. We headed to Dalston, outside the CLR James Library to find out if local people in fact knew anything about him. “Have you heard of CLR James?” we asked. Was he a local councillor, a South African cricketer or a Trinidad born revolutionary and writer who loved cricket? The responses are salutary and if ever there was evidence that our planned documentary is much needed this is it. This short video is sure to make you smile too.

Related topics: Civil Liberties, History, Social Change

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Nardia said:

Maybe it’s good that nobody knows him, maybe we shouldn’t anyway.

Georgia said:

Ok confessions. I thought James was a Hackneyite, Thanks for sharing.

Brian said:

What a brilliant practical survey, loved it.

Gunter said:

Shows you need a film to put the record straight.

Piotr said:

I liked that you use many presenter and not celebrity.

Tarquin said:

I, didn’t know much about CLR James until I saw this, thanks.

Jesus Texiera said:

How embarrassing, I thought James was just something to do with Hackney Library.

Stepney said:

Now this is a trailer that would be a super post-credit teaser in the finished doc. I hope your doc goes some way to put CLR James in the minds of Hackney pedestrians as a historymaker who should be remembered for his active life more than as a nameplate on a library.

Emma said:

This was definitely worth doing to motivate your documentary! I had very little clue who CLR James was too before encountering WORLDbytes and I am really looking forward to watching the documentary.

Jane R said:

I’m surprised as I thought more people in Hackney would have heard of him or know something, maybe if you filmed in Brixton it might be different but then again maybe not, it is something of a battle to get people to read these days-film is the thing though so I hope your film will inspire a younger generation to get reading especially Black jacobins. Good luclk!

Julian Richards said:

Yep more confessions if I’d been asked I’d have been embarressed

Hels said:

Gosh I thought more people would have heard of the great man- an eye opener!

Simon Ricksah said:

Quite funny and great evidence for your project-good luck

Winston Olufemi said:

Loved this, good luck with the film!

Josh T said:

This made my smile, if I’m hoest I didn’t know who CLR james was either!

Sarah K said:

Very good vid does suggest Hackney library is a bit rubbish too as it doesn’t give you an in your face idea of who the man is it’s named after. Hope your film goes to plan.

Jennie said:

Laughed out loud, very good indeed, yes your film must be made. Bless em-they have a library named after him but NO idea who he is.